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Ant Blair, a distinguished figure in the world of public speaking, is a six-time Public Speaking Champion and a two-time TEDx presenter. With over two decades of marketing and leadership experience, Ant is a sought-after speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge to businesses eager to accelerate sales and business performance.
Ant's journey in personal development and leadership began with the founding and leading the first African-American owned digital marketing agency in Michigan. His tenure coincided with the dynamic era of the dot com boom, marked by unprecedented growth and the subsequent downturn.
This experience not only shaped Ant's resilience and adaptability but also equipped him with profound insights into personal and professional performance.
Through his engaging and magnetic speaking style, Ant empowers leaders, managers, and teams with actionable strategies that attendees can immediately incorporate into their daily practices.





From the mean streets of Flint, MI to success on business Mainstreet, Ant Blair's story captivates while providing valuable strategies for professionals to unlock rapid business and personal transformation.

The "Access Code", an aspirational yet practical worldview philosophy based on Blair's popular TED Talk, introduces participants to new ways of thinking - thinking that can serve as a conduit for transformation.

This captivating discourse delves into three pivotal action steps to unleash untapped dimensions of performance, consequently fueling heightened productivity and amplified profits for your enterprise.

Blair's straightforward approach is encapsulated in an easily memorable acronym, A.S.K. (Assess, Strategize, and KickA**).

This keynote challenges participants to consider new perspectives and possibilities.

Empowerment will surge as audiences are emboldened to seize command and embark on innovative pathways to effectively "A.S.K. for Access”.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Discover a 3-step process to increase performance (immediately)
  2. 2. Learn ways to experience & embrace personal transformation
  3. 3. Explore new perspectives to unleash your potential



In the world of business, the pursuit of knowledge and innovation knows no bounds.

While traditional sources like case studies and online research undoubtedly provide valuable insights, there's a hidden treasure trove of wisdom waiting to be tapped into from unique and unexpected places.

Imagine learning about business strategy, customer engagement, teamwork, and innovation from the unique perspective of a Cicerone CBS.

Ant Blair delivers a captivating keynote that invites audiences to explore diverse viewpoints related to skill development, professional growth, and an unwavering commitment to learning.

On the surface, beer and business success might seem worlds apart, yet there's an unexpected harmony in the principles that underpin both.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Discover 3 benefits diverse perspectives offer
  2. 2. Explore what commonality & community foster
  3. 3. Gain credibility when you master “one thing”





"Speaking from the heart, Ant captivates audiences through his personal experiences and electric personality. From marketing to company culture to politics, no matter what industry or specialty you work in, Ant has the ability to connect and educate. I don’t think he has ever met a stranger."

- Kurtis Cummings | Founder | CEO at Switchyard Brewing Company  


"Anthony is a smart, friendly person with an electrifying personality that engages individuals and audiences whenever he speaks. His messages are strong in substance and his delivery is compelling. Anyone seeking a down-to-earth speaker that can connect with an audience should reach out to Ant Blair."

- Steve Hanes | President at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana


"Ant Blair is an accomplished speaker. He is flexible in adapting his speech delivery to audiences of different sizes and backgrounds. He enlightened us with storytelling that we all could relate to and get motivated. Ant’s big smile and strong voice are fine compliments for his speaking abilities."

- Elton Duro | Strategic Sourcing Director at Cummins, Inc.


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