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Kari Mirabal, International keynote and TEDx speaker, author, and consultant shares innovative networking strategies to help professionals leverage the power of authentic connection.  Mirabal shares knowledge gathered from decades of experience and whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and executive leaders across the country and abroad. Her company develops corporate programs, products, and presentations that benefit those interested in earning new clients, increasing profits, and advancing careers through networking. Mirabal also serves as the Speaker Agent for Arrowhead Speakers, a growing organization that delivers diverse talent on a variety of topics for various conferences and corporate events across the country and abroad.   





Today’s competitive business market demands results, and a powerful circle of influence can help you get there. Naked Networking®, a high energy keynote that explores five networking mistakes and solutions explained in an easy to remember acronym (NAKED) challenges participants to consider new possibilities for building and sustaining powerful connections. This high-energy keynote keeps audiences on the edge of their seat eager for more while exploring innovative ways to “Network Smarter”.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Discover 5 networking mistakes (and solutions) to build powerful connections
  2. 2. Learn a proven 3-step networking strategy
  3. 3. Explore ways to overcome FEAR to network with confidence



Networking has unlimited potential, but only for those willing to take risks, work outside their comfort zones, and explore new possibilities. Discover why people with dated mindsets get left behind when they neglect learning how LinkedIn can help them get ahead in today’s competitive business market. We don’t want you to ATTEND this keynote or masterclass, we invite you to EXPERIENCE it with interactive activities designed to inspire both new and advanced platform users.

Kari’s edgy delivery will make you laugh and motivate you to take further action on LinkedIn. Hear how she’s leveraged 15+ years of experience to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships. Discover how to attract others to your profile, must hear things to avoid when on the platform, and learn proven LinkedIn strategies through real-world examples shared. This topic isn’t for everyone, only those ready to create improved professional outcomes for themselves, their team, and their company.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Discover Top 10 LinkedIn Profile “Must-Haves”
  2. 2. Explore Ways LinkedIn Helps Increase Business Success
  3. 3. Hear Kari’s 3-step networking strategy
  4. 4. Learn how to Attract (and Sustain) New Network Connections



Are you “dating” your career?  In other words, are you curious about how to fall in love with what you do (again and again)? If you answered, “Yes,” you won’t want to miss Career Dating, a keynote based on Kari Mirabal’s TEDx Talk of the same title.  As a member of the audience, you’ll explore innovative ways to reignite passion within your career and avoid getting “stuck” in a job you hate.

Empower yourself with knowledge to shift dated mindsets including “I have to stay at a new job 3-5 years” or “I can’t apply, I don’t have the required skills to apply for my dream career”.  Learn powerful ways to brand yourself, proven network strategies and ways to manage workplace triggers inherent in today’s competitive environment.

Whether you’re interested in making the most of the career you already have, pondering ways to gain a promotion or looking for a new industry experience altogether, this fun twist on the commonalities between romantic dating and dating your career offers audiences a humorous yet insightful approach to “dating your career”.  Let’s GO … it’s time for you to learn how to be the CEO of your career.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Eliminate “dated mindsets” to overcome career barriers
  2. 2. Learn ways to navigate workplace triggers
  3. 3. Discover easy ways to ignite your career  using kills you already




"We invited Kari Mirabal to present her keynote, LinkedIn Top 10 Profile "Must-Haves" at one of our networking events. The topic was a big hit! Kari's overall networking and LinkedIn tips served as a reminder that our online profiles are an important asset and can play a pivotal role in today's financial services industry. Our audience enjoyed her high-energy presentation coupled with real-world business examples. Kari's programs are far from boring and inspire others to "network smarter" while also seeking opportunities to serve others through random acts of kindness. We learned how to generate gravity (i.e., invite others to review their profile), the importance of authentic messages when inviting others to connect, and strategies for how to post content that creates value within your network. If you’re looking for an engaging speaker who delivers actionable information that creates results, Kari is the one you’ve been waiting for."

- Jennifer Warfield | National Life Group  

"As the VP of Sales for our growing organization, I know all too well the importance of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. My team and I have come to appreciate Kari's traditional and social media (LinkedIn) networking strategies as we support surgical clientele in the medical devices space. Her excitement around how "talking to strangers" can lead to new possibilities is contagious. Kari's business and leadership tips play a role in helping our team extend brand awareness in the orthopedic implant and insertion technology field. I recommend her knowledge, passion, and high-energy masterclasses, keynotes, and individual coaching programs if you're interested in taking your sales efforts - and results - to the next level."

- Scott Parmley | ZB RX Medical  




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