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Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a proud veteran, author, leader, and prolific keynote speaker. His critically acclaimed TEDx Talk, "The Gift of Adversity", tells his incredible Hero's journey of going from being broke, divorced, bedridden, and paralyzed, to a subject matter expert whose presentations have been heard by millions of people worldwide via live engagements, movie, and television, plus countless radio interviews and podcasts. Marcus is a dynamic and motivating speaker whose passion comes through when he shares his signature topics that include Overcoming Adversity, Mental Resilience, Functional Leadership, and Pragmatic Empathy. Marcus leverages the power of his personal experience to invite others to gain the skills necessary to view Adversity as a Gift and explore innovative opportunities to live a life of impact, success, happiness and fulfillment. 






This keynote is based on Marcus' critically acclaimed TEDx Talk "The Gift of Adversity." After being paralyzed and dying on the operating table, while preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus eventually saw his injury as the wake-up call needed to live a renewed life with passion and purpose. Marcus leverages lessons learned from his Gift of Adversity to coach others how to take actionable steps to live life to the fullest. If you're curious to know why adversity is necessary to achieve greatness, you won't want to miss this opportunity. 

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Tools to turn Adversity into Victory
  2. 2. How to use purpose to create urgency and take action
  3. 3. Ways to leverage the Adversity Scale and Adversity Perception Cycle to achieve success 



The most innovative and effective principles of leadership are often underutilized and overlooked. This keynote offers effective leadership skills that deliver big results with less effort. Everyone is a leader (whether they realize it or not). When you can help others step into the role of leader, you empower everyone in the organization to communicate better, take action more efficiently, and achieve better results with less effort.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Pragmatic Empathy: How to cultivate an environment of adapting, freedom to fail, and support efforts to improve
  2. 2. Leadership (like trust), is earned not given 
  3. 3. Discover how to Lead by Example: If we aren't leading by example we aren't really leading (we're just setting bad examples)



Optimal performance is sustainable and scalable while peak performance can only be achieved with long term preparation (requiring longer recovery times). Prioritizing, while being completely present in whatever you do, is one of the keys takeaways when you attend Marcus' Optimal Performance keynote. Don't miss this opportunity to hear proven real-world examples, success stories, and lessons learned shared to inspire audiences towards achieving optimal performance (in business and life).

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Why peak performance is not sustainable and optimal performance is
  2. 2. Putting into practice what works specifically for you
  3. 3. Self-Auditing: Why every decision we make either gets us closer to our goals or further away (there's no middle ground) 





"Marcus is a selfless human being that lives to serve others and has a powerful way of calling people forth in owning their greatness. I have had the honor of working side by side with Marcus, attended his events, been on his podcast, and have leaned on him as a mentor. He may seem soft spoken; however, don't be fooled ... he has a fierce heart for his clients and refuses to let them play small. His skillset is incredibly diverse, and he has such a unique ability to coach others. Be sure to read about his personal story (his book The Gift of Adversity is a page turner) and my guess is, you'll be instantly inspired."

- Matt Gagnon | CEO of Atomic Mornings 

"I connected with Marcus and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at Curt Mercadante's Freedom Club Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Marcus' story is mind-blowing, his mindset is worth gold, his insights and lessons learned (in business and life) are priceless. If you look for a speaker capable of "waking up" your audience and someone who will provide the reality check they often need to urgently act, Marcus is your keynote speaker."

- Dr. Natalia Wiechowski | Inner Truths Guide, Self-Integration Mentor, Authenticity Assembler, as well as a Story telling & Writing Nomad 




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