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Mikey Manghum is Vice President of INSPiRE Financial Group, a firm dedicated to helping clients build and live their legacy financially.

Mikey speaks to various audiences throughout all industries about ways to set goals, achieve an entrepreneurial mindset, and best practices for achieving financial freedom. Mike also mentors first-generation college students and minority entrepreneurs through Tulsa's Black Wall Street Chamber.




So often we look at those we admire and wonder: how are they able to be so disciplined? Or maybe we look at the office initiative and wonder: is this too ambitious? Do I have the capacity to make this happen? Whatever it is that has you feeling stuck at Point A when Point B is the goal, just know - you're not alone! What's more encouraging is that you can make just a few small tweaks to turn dormancy into momentum. In this session, we'll explore why goal setting alone won't get it done. We'll look at the natural frictions and resistance we experience day to day and begin to formulate a game plan for how we can navigate through the pushback to see our vision become reality, personally or professionally.


The difference between a successful entrepreneur and an average business has much less to do with product or service, and a lot more to do with the magic ingredient to entrepreneurial success...mindset. Discover the critical shifts in our internal narrative that must take place if we're to succeed in running a business/businesses. An anchoring vision, belief, the right inputs, and disciplined tactical daily steps are all components of the entrepreneur's winning formula. With tried-and-true methods, ideas, and strategies gleaned from generations of successful business leaders, this session is packed with practical takeaways that will help elevate your entrepreneurial fortitude to the next level.


Have you ever considered just how many components go into a holistic financial plan?! Investments, emergency funds, insurance, wills and trusts, college savings, retirement planning, starting businesses, real estate, and on and on it goes. What's the first step? What are the financial idioms or rules of thumb we've heard for decades that still hold true, and which ones no longer make any objective sense?! It can be a lot to juggle for someone; especially someone that doesn't work in the financial industry full time. Never fear, this session seeks to bring clarity to what ensures a strong financial foundation, as well as how your personal goals can align with what wealthy people have done for generations to move you that much closer to financial freedom.




"If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging, keeping-it-real keynote speaker about finances, life, and leadership - with a side of marriage and fatherhood, Mikey is your guy. I’ve facilitated leadership workshops alongside Mikey and his ability to engage with an audience is unparalleled. We have clients that specifically request him because he knows his stuff and quickly connects with participants. I confidently recommend Mikey for your next conference and/or corporate event."

- Billie Sue Smith | Paradigm Shift  




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