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Travis Thomas, Entrepreneur, Leadership Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker, Team Developer and Master of Improv, is the Founder of Live Yes, And Consulting a company dedicated to transforming mindsets. Whether coaching teams or individuals, his message is clear … higher levels of success are within your grasp when you shift your mindset. Thomas’ body of work invites audiences to get “UNSTUCK”. He explores how cultures rooted in purpose, authenticity, and collaboration intersect driving optimal results. Thomas’ clients include various sports teams (Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Georgia Football, and the US Men’s National Soccer Team) as well as diverse corporations across the country and abroad interested in cultivating mindsets to drive high-performance.  






Travis ignites audiences across the country and abroad as he shares modern strategies gathered from 20+ years of experience coaching elite performers. His knowledge and “down-to-earth” style piques curiosity and helps audiences leverage practical ways to achieve higher levels of success. Thomas’ interactive and experiential message will inspire you to elevate your performance as he inspires eager participants with the right combination of tools (and truth) with a specialist’s twist to success. Just like a secret sauce can add flavor and distinction to a dish, businesses can develop their own "secret sauce" to give them a competitive edge.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Learning how to “stay in the moment"
  2. 2. Understand the distractions that hold us back 
  3. 3. Receive proven practical tools and strategies to apply to your own life 


How does your company deal with adversity, uncertainty, and change? Do you have a team of people who innovate, problem-solve, and overcome challenges - or is your team stuck in finger-pointing, excuse making, and complaining? It happens to the best of people and organizations - and it can be fixed! In this presentation, Travis will share how elite performers and organizations use the power of improvisation and collaboration to harness courageous and resilient cultures. Travis’ unique blend of 20+ years of experience, and interactive and experiential activities, guarantees that your audience won’t only “know” how to embrace uncertainty, they will have “felt” it. Life is unpredictable, but our response to doesn’t have to be.

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Understand the positive and negative power of our thoughts
  2. 2. Learning how to get “unstuck” when caught in a victim mindset 
  3. 3. Receive practical tools and concepts for building resilient teams 


Culture has been the buzz word du jour for about a decade now…yet most organizations still miss the boat with understanding the tools, mindset, and components that create thriving cultures. Ping pong tables and blue jean Fridays are great - but they don’t build culture. The pandemic further exposed the fragility of successful cultures, and today more than ever businesses and leaders need to understand the “human” skills needed to inspire and organizations and teams. Leadership expert Travis Thomas has a unique skillset and background when it comes to helping companies turn their broken cultures into thriving and fulfilling workplaces. From the corporate world, to improvisation, executive coaching, and training some of the most elite athletes in the world - Travis’ one-of-a-kind presentation will surely connect with your audience. Even if it’s broken, Travis will help you fix it!

Top 3 Audience Takeaways:

  1. 1. Understanding the #1 predictor of a high-performing culture
  2. 2. Learning tools for leaders to consistently and intentional drive performance 
  3. 3. Find out how to turn your employees into culture carriers 






I am able to perform because I have really good people around me, and you are one of those people. Thank you for your contribution!
— Gregg Berhalter | US Men’s National Team Head Coach

Hi Travis! You came to mind as I reflected on this past year. It was incredible getting to meet you and work with you directly when we did the "word association" exercise together at Workday's virtual Pre-sales Summit in October. Your energy and outlook on the world are deeply inspiring and I was captivated the entire time. I'm so drawn to the psychology of the "yes, and" mindset in my work and in my personal life. There are very few people I've come across where I feel this passionate about the work you're doing.
— Jordan A. | Workday employee

When you need to find that inner spark and tap into your potential, Travis is the perfect motivational speaker to do just that. His witty and personal approach captures your attention within seconds and you can’t help but smile and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. 
— Lauren Gifford | School Principal




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